Loan Program

OPEN USA manages a portfolio of loan funds to help B4T entrepreneurs start or operate businesses within developing nations in the 10/40 Window. We seek to be a sustainable investor that deploys capital in places too risky for traditional capital by offsetting the geopolitical risk with spiritual capital.

We do not consider these loans to be the gambles of a hedge fund or speculator. Part of the spiritual capital OPEN USA deploys is discernment and wisdom gained through relevant life experience. We team up entrepreneurs with seasoned mentors and coaches, who will not only help them through the loan application process but will be there throughout the journey ahead. In this way we help manage the loan so that, under anticipated circumstances, the loan facilitates business success and is paid back without hurting the business.

Are you interested in helping entrepreneurs start B4T businesses?

OPEN USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and our loan funds are capitalized through donations, as well as returns on capital loaned. If you have a heart for B4T, the OPEN USA loan fund is an excellent way to put your dollars to Kingdom use over and over again. Donations may be made to the OPEN USA general fund or to one of the authorized loan funds.

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Are you an entrepreneur in need of capital?

To help manage the risk associated with starting and investing in a B4T company, OPEN USA partners with the OPEN Network to provide resources to prospective entrepreneurs including mentoring, coaching and internships. We only invest in companies that are actively working with an OPEN coach who has worked with them to develop an appropriate business and transformation plan.

Learn more about our internship program or contact us regarding coaching.