Witnessing at Work Without Words (4Ws)

The Vision

The Witnessing at Work Without Words (4Ws) workshop is designed to galvanize business people to be witnesses of the Gospel at work. The 4Ws program teaches the Biblical principles for work, and practical ways people can model the Gospel in their workplace so as to attract co-workers to ask them about their faith and work.

The Format

This curriculum is 8 hours in length and may be spread over 2 to 3 days. With each session, the instructors provide business people with the knowledge and tools to get started in being salt and light in their workplaces. Each session is a combination of teachings and exercises. In addition, after the training, each person will have 12 assignments—one per week—to complete in their workplace.

The Content

  • Understanding God’s View of Work
  • Work is Worship
  • The Key to a Great Harvest is Not in the Sowing
  • Injecting Prayer and the Word into Your Work Routine
  • Connecting Life and Work
  • Business in the Gospels 

Get Started Today


Are you a church leader who wants to mobilize the business people in your congregation? Are you a businessperson (in any vocation) who wants to inspire and empower your Christian brothers and sisters? Consider hosting a 4Ws workshop. For more information, email services@openusa.net, and find out how you can start impacting your community for the Kingdom of God today!