Find Yourself in Business for Transformation


Whether you’ve just discovered the concept of B4T, or you have been on this path for years,
there is a place for you in the Business for Transformation world.

Phase 1: Introduction

Common Questions: OPEN Services

What is B4T/BAM?

How does it work?

Why is it important?

Who can participate?

OPEN’s resources list

Up Close (60-90 Minutes meetings)

4Ws (6-8 hours of interactive training)

Expo (2 day annual event)


Phase II: Discovery

Common Questions OPEN Services

How can I taste and experience B4T?

How do my skills and experiences fit?

How can I go deeper?

How can I do worKship better?

B4T Champions (7 month training)

Internship (6-12 weeks)

Business Advisory Trips (1-2 weeks)

4Ws (6-8 hours of interactive training)

Expo (2 day annual event)


Phase III: Involvement –
Path A: Go & Grow

Common Questions OPEN Services

Who can help me go?

Who can help me launch a business?

Who can mentor me?

How can I grow my business?

Apprenticeships (2-5 years)

Mentoring (ongoing)

Investments (as needed)

Coaching (as needed)

Advocacy Teams (as needed)


Phase III: Involvement –
Path B: Send & Serve

Common Questions OPEN Services

Who can I help send and how?

Who can I help do worKship better?

Who can I help launch and grow a business?

How can I help others get involved?

Become a B4T Champion Trainer

Become an Investor

Become a Coach

Become a Sender

Become a Prayer Partner


Contact us any time to talk about how we can serve you on your journey in B4T.

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