You’re not alone.

When you know you are called to do B4T, walk with someone who has already traveled the path before you. 

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The life and work of doing business cross-culturally can be extremely challenging. 

OPEN is a network of business professionals working among the least reached. OPEN walks these professionals through business and ministry by providing relationally-centered services so they’re never alone in their ventures.


Being well prepared is key to your success. The OPEN apprenticeship program gets you off to a good start. Each apprentice has a personal mentor who walks alongside you, encouraging and guiding you towards success in your B4T journey.


Once you are on the field, OPEN connects you to a network of experienced coaches who have your professional best interest at heart. Whether you’re launching a business or working in one, OPEN coaches are here to help.


Before you go, once you arrive, and throughout your B4T work on the field, OPEN mentors are invaluable to your journey. Mentors are the ones who check in on you, keep you connected to your church and other B4T workers, and provide accountability in all of life.


Need startup capital? Or funds to scale your business? The OPEN Loan Fund is available to all qualified B4Ters. The Loan Fund provides low-interest, high-accountability loans to applicants all over the 10/40 Window.

With You for every B4t Step

We know you can’t build your B4T business alone. That’s why OPEN USA provides a suite of services to you, to support your business in every aspect. Whether you need funds, an extra set of eyes on your processes, or encouragement to keep going, OPEN has something for you.



When I first felt called to go overseas [as an Apprentice], OPEN connected me with an experienced B4T couple. This couple walked with me through the process of getting ready to go, helping me think through everything I needed to have in place before I left. They asked good, hard questions and made sure I was the right candidate for what I was about to do. They made sure that I was emotionally and spiritually ready to take on the challenge.

I was able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses as they guided me through this journey. They provided the information, recommendations, and learning opportunities I needed. Most importantly, they also traveled to my church to spend time with my church leaders and ensured that there was a strong, three-way connection between the church, me, and OPEN.  In the end, we were all in agreement that I was a good candidate, and that I had the support that I needed to do B4T effectively.


Having an OPEN Mentor walk with us throughout our [Apprenticeship] journey has been by far the best gain that we’ve had in working with OPEN. Our mentors are absolutely incredible. We believe they are giving us better member care than people receive in a more traditional model, and this comes in the form of annual visits to our location. They also visited us at our home in the US. They connected with our fellowship leaders, which was an incredible connection. They send quarterly updates and reports to our home fellowship, which is an incredible part of that relationship in terms of accountability, and our local fellowship leaders really feel like they have a really good feel of the pulse of where we’re at.


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