Whom We Serve

Future Workers

Students, Graduates, Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs.

Live out your purpose! Whether you are a few years from graduation, or are ready to make the jump into B4T, OPEN USA will get you there.



Church Leadership Teams, Sending Organizations, Denominations.

Equip a new generation. We serve churches as they endeavor to meet the needs of their B4T workers or are looking to launch the next generation.


Coach & Equip

Advisors, Seasoned Professionals, Experts, Retirees, Investors.

Equip to flourish profitably. Use your marketplace skills for global Kingdom impact. B4T workers need your wisdom, accountability, and time to flourish.


Future Workers

Young Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs

These were Jesus’ instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”
Luke 10:2

Becoming a B4T Worker

Live Out Your Purpose!

There is much left to be done in reaching the unreached. Invest your skills overseas in the marketplace to reach the unreached.

Is God equipping you today to serve him overseas in the marketplace among the unreached?

Why Not You?

All across the globe God is calling young professionals to invest their education and skills to reach the unreached. Jesus said the laborers were few…

OPEN USA provides opportunities for students and young professionals to link up with Kingdom businesses operating in unreached areas to introduce them to B4T while learning valuable business skills on the job. Relationship is our priority, not process; we tailor our services to meet your needs as an individual. Our relationally-based, customized mentoring leads to impact among the nations.

B4T Internships & Apprenticeships

Internships. For students looking for internships we will connect you with businesses that are actively looking for interns. Internships last anywhere from 2-12 weeks and are available throughout the calendar year.

Apprenticeships. For those looking to take the next step, OPEN USA can help place you as an apprentice alongside a B4T business owner. OPEN USA will connect you with a business, work with you to set personal, realistic goals and objectives, and ensure you are mentored throughout the apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are objective based and last between 18-36 months in length.

Intensive Professional & Cultural Training

Intensive Professional and Cultural Training (iPACT) is an intense 4 week program, followed by a 4-8 week internship. iPACT trains you for what it takes to live a life of sacrificial love and transformation among least-reached peoples. iPACT will grow and stretch your faith while preparing you to enter the B4T world. This intensive month of training is followed by 4-8 weeks of applying the lessons learned in iPACT, while working in a B4T business in Asia.

Organizational Senders & Supporters

Churches, Denominations, Sending Organizations

We understand the unique challenges that face a B4T worker on the field and those transitioning into a cross-cultural setting.
Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22

Equip a New Generation

Our trainers are experienced B4T workers. If you need practical help to prepare and care for young workers, our mentors and trainers are established B4Ters. Our passion and goal is to nurture existing B4T workers and their supporting organizations so as to train the next generation of field workers.

Fulfill the Great Commission…via Business

We provide tested B4T coaching and consulting services to advise and assist church leadership and potential B4T workers. We offer workable solutions to the issues you are facing as your members transition to live and work overseas.

Mentoring with Accountability

Our mentors work in conjunction with the church to adequately equip those who are called to B4T. We work with you to assess, equip and place your members in strategic, unchurched areas. We do this by upholding each of our Core Values as imperatives in every part of the process: emphasizing transparency and authenticity, while pressing for excellence. We include the church in every step of the process.

Equip, Coach & Empower B4T Workers

Entrepreneurs, Seasoned Professionals, Investors

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.
1 Peter 4:10

B4T Workers Need You

God is on the move.  He is establishing his people in hard-to-reach places among those who have never heard the Gospel—and he is doing it through the marketplace. B4T workers need equipping, coaching, and empowering. They need your skills and experience to get there!

Reproduce your Success Through Coaching

If you have been working in your profession for several years, or have successfully run a business, you have been given seed which you can sow into the life of a B4T worker. B4T businesses need those skills as they bring His Light to unreached communities. Empower B4T workers to reap a harvest of success in life and business. OPEN USA is ready to connect you with opportunities to coach B4Ters.

Empower B4Ters to Reach the Least Reached

Do you want to impact the Least Reached? Seasoned business men and women can directly change the lives of unreached peoples living in the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist world by working with B4T businesses that need coaching.  Whether you are looking to invest a few hours or ready to buy plane tickets and live overseas, OPEN USA will guide you through the transition from start to finish.

Invest in a B4T Business

OPEN USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and our loan funds are capitalized through donations, as well as returns on capital loaned. If you have a heart for B4T, the OPEN USA loan fund is an excellent way to put your dollars to Kingdom use over and over again. Read our investment process and criteria guide and contact our mobilization team for more information.

Take Hold of the Wheel

OPEN USA manages a portfolio of loan funds to empower B4T entrepreneurs start or operate businesses within developing nations in the 10/40 window. We seek to be a sustainable investor that deploys capital in places too risky for traditional capital by offsetting the geopolitical risk with spiritual capital. In addition to straight investment, we are looking for hands-on investors ready to work with B4T businesses, not only by lending capital, but also by getting directly involved with the business. Contact us today for more information.