Recalibrate Work and Worship

A new book by Patrick Lai

The Context

In the beginning, God created “work” and “worship” to be one. He never intended there be a divide between what we consider “sacred” and “secular” work. In this book, Patrick Lai walks us through biblical passages and concepts of God’s view of work and of worship—encouraging us to recalibrate our ideas and challenging us to do God-glorifying “workship” in our everyday life and work.

The Book

Paperback and Kindle Version

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To promote the idea of Workship, OPEN is offering a copy of the book. OPEN specialize in B4T working among the least reached, making eternal impact, equipping and servicing a global network of B4T professionals. 


The Audio

Listen to Patrick Lai’s keynote address from the OPEN B4T Expo in Houston, TX, April 2019.

The Blog

Before it was a book, it was a blog. To get a glimpse into the series and what the Bible says about work and worship, check out the following blog posts:

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