Devin, who works with OPEN USA, is the author of this blog post. He is a great example of both listening to God and keeping our priorities right in the midst of our work.

“Did you meet my son?” asked Kent, my Airbnb host who is a native from the Caribbean but now lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania as a hot yoga instructor. “His name is Adonai.”

I knew I only had a couple of minutes before I had to be out the door in order to make my morning appointment with Peter Greer, president and CEO of HOPE International.  However, the Holy Spirit nudged me to let go of my plans for a little while because He was up to something far better. 

I dropped my suitcase on the sidewalk outside the door and turned back inside, closing the front door behind me.  “That’s a very interesting name; where did that come from?”

For the next 20 minutes, Kent and I discussed his background growing up in a Seventh-day Adventist church, where he had learned the name Adonai and formed his views of spiritual things.  However, it was clear Kent was trusting in his own good works to save him as evidenced by his declaration, “I think I’ll get into heaven. I think I could hold my chest high in front of God and tell him I’ve been a pretty good person.”

I began to share some passages of Scripture about our need to be saved by grace, not by works, and that we are all sinners who have fallen short of God’s glory. I started sharing Romans 6:23 about “the wages of sin being death”; but before I could go on, he finished the verse for me saying, “but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.”    

I asked him if he had received this gift.  A confused look came across his face as he inquired, “How do I receive the gift?”

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the moment, I uttered, “Just ask Him for it. Today could be the day of your salvation!”

So right then and there, in his hot yoga studio room, we held hands, bowed our heads, and Kent prayed a prayer of repentance and belief in Jesus. He asked Jesus to come into his life and help him to live for God in a new way. 

I was late for my meeting with Peter that morning, but I was right on time for God’s meeting with Kent! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.



DEVIN DON and his family have worked with OPEN USA for several years. He serves churches and marketplace believers by connecting them with Business for Transformation (B4T) training, resources, and people who can help them achieve their vital part in God’s mission to disciple all nations. Devin enjoys people, building bridges, laughing often, and learning how to listen to God’s voice. He lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with his beautiful wife and 3 children. Check out his book, B4T Champions, available in paperback and e-book.