… you reap what you sow.

Why is it that so few Muslims discovering the kingdom?  Greg Livingstone the founder of Frontiers an organization committed to bringing Jesus’ blessing to Muslims puts it this way;
Little sowing à Little reaping.
And how is realsowing done?  Through relationships –  through intentional interaction.  Each of us came to Christ because someone we respected shared His story with us.  Who do these unreached people’s respect, who in turn loves Jesus?  This is why we need to move into their lives – into their workplaces – and live the love of Christ out, right in front of them.
I have seen mission agencies struggle with contextualization, modeling Biblical values, visas, identity, reproduction, dependency, viability, respectability, money, acceptance in the local community – B4T has a solution for every one of these problems.   Business for transformation (B4T) gives me a peace of mind.  I live a seamless life.  I don’t have to fear government official’s questions.  Muslims, like Christians are used to seeing God work in spiritual ways in spiritual circles; so when God comes into our office and miracles occur in the workplace, WOW, people sit up and take notice.