As I begin the journey of a blogger, hazardous as it may or may not be, I wish to make this blog a prayer to Jesus, my Master who rules my life and work.  Jesus well knows the many times I have disappointed Him, yet may this blog reflect and project my heart’s desire for His glory to spread to the darkest corners of the earth via business.  (Portions of this prayer come from letters I received from people who are great encouragers to me.)

So let’s pray.

Father, make each reader and myself a part of the fellowship of those who are unashamed of the Gospel.  May we be filled with understanding as we seek to communicate in Your Holy Spirit.  We are your disciples.  May we not only understand what it means to take up our cross daily and follow You – have us do it.  Whatever the cost, we seek to be doers of your Word and not hearers only.  Please do not allow us to deceive ourselves or create our own B4T bubble of Christianity.  Master try and test our hearts.  Surely mistakes will be made, misunderstandings will occur, yet in such times may each reader and I be quick to listen and slow to judge, extending and receiving forgiveness and grace when and where needed.

Solomon tells us it is an honor to receive a frank reply.  Father, make our discussions frank, truthful and to the point.  No hidden agendas here, no flatteries simply a practical “Just Do It,” get it done work mentality.

As Your leaders, help us not to need pre-eminence, prosperity, position, or popularity.  May this blog be a place for dialogue, a place where we are slow to speak and quick to listen, so make us listeners, learners, humble and teachable.  Fill us with your Spirit so that we don’t have to be right, regarded, or rewarded.  Help us to walk by faith, lean on Your presence, be full of Your patience, and labor by Your power.

Master, Your assignment for this blog as we understand it is to reveal Your glory among all peoples of the earth via business.  We realize that the path is narrow, the road rough, the pace quick and our companions few.  Be Our Guide so that we keep our focus on You and keep moving forward down Your path.  Be Our Strength so that we may not fall to the temptations of life.  Be Our Shield so that nothing distracts or deters us from Your goal.

We are Your disciples.