The other day I was speaking with a friend who lives in what is commonly called a “closed country.” I asked him how things were going and he mentioned how much impact he’s seen on the employees in his business. Because of the way they view work, they are transforming not only the “how” of work in their office but the “why.” My friend is teaching his Muslim employees what it is like to be loved by a boss, to be served by higher ranking managers, and how to extend that love to others. The employees are experiencing this in the context of their company’s leadership following Jesus.

Recently a Bible study was started outside his office but it was mentioned to employees. Several of those who previously had major barriers up to following Jesus recently began attending the study. Join us in praying for these sheep that need the Shepherd!

Imagine if more businesses were run like this all across these so-called “closed countries.” Would they really seem closed anymore? The world may feel increasingly “closed” to missions, but it is very much open for business. We should really abandon the “closed country” terminology and instead adapt our methods to modern life. Consider how much the world has changed in the past 100 years, but even more so the past 50 years:

At this rate of change, we can no longer afford to continue doing things the way we have for the past several hundred years. The world is transforming with or without or assistance, but Jesus wants to use us to transform it according to His purposes! Join us and bring the Good News of the Kingdom to least-reached peoples through business.

Greg is the President of OPEN USA. He used his education to work as a tentmaker in the Middle East for 8.5 years seeking to plant a church amongst a least-reached people group. Currently back in the USA with his wife and children, they aim to return to finish what the LORD used them to start.

To learn more about B4T, read Business for Transformation by Patrick Lai.

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