Organizational Senders & Supporters

Churches, Denominations, Sending Organizations

We understand the unique challenges that face a B4T worker on the field and those transitioning into a cross-cultural setting.
Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22

Equip a New Generation

Our trainers are experienced B4T workers. If you need practical help to prepare and care for young workers, our mentors and trainers are established B4Ters. Our passion and goal is to nurture existing B4T workers and their supporting organizations so as to train the next generation of field workers.

Fulfill the Great Commission…via Business

We provide tested B4T coaching and consulting services to advise and assist church leadership and potential B4T workers. We offer workable solutions to the issues you are facing as your members transition to live and work overseas.

Mentoring with Accountability

Our mentors work in conjunction with the church to adequately equip those who are called to B4T. We work with you to assess, equip and place your members in strategic, unchurched areas. We do this by upholding each of our Core Values as imperatives in every part of the process: emphasizing transparency and authenticity, while pressing for excellence. We include the church in every step of the process.

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