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Session Summary
Opening and Plenary 1

Welcome and message from Patrick Lai on an Overview of B4T and the current state of OPEN. Click here.


Breakout 1
Breakouts on the most popular topics chosen by you and your peers. Details below. 
Plenary 2
A video montage of stories from the field featuring current and former OPEN Apprentices. Click here.
Breakout 2
Breakouts on the most popular topics chosen by you and your peers.
Details below. 
Plenary 3 and Closing
Announcements from OPEN and live Q&A with our presenters.
Click here.
Extended Q&A
Optional extended time of Q&A for all those who would like to connect further.


Breakout Sessions

Room 1 - Mobilizing B4T Workers | Larry Ragan

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Mobilization is the action of a country’s government in preparing and organizing troops for active service. It is the process of making something movable or capable of movement. This session will discuss the process and preparation distinctives of mobilizing the church to serve in the unique Business for Transformation model.

Larry Ragan founded CULTURELink in 2010. The mission of CULTURELink Inc. is to make disciples of those who will make disciples of all nations. In the last decade CULTURELink has trained over 2500 short-term leaders, long-term workers, and international project coordinators mobilizing others to go and work in over 125 nations.

Room 2 - Growing Faith and Work in your Congregation | Mauricio Alvarez

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The integration of work, worship, and service is possible for your church members as they develop a comprehensive worKship lifestyle. Mauricio, a B4T leader and church planter, will share some of the challenges he has worked to overcome in order to develop a mindset of B4T in his growing church congregation.

Mauricio Alvarez is a dynamic leader, passionate about the nations and the unreached people groups of the earth. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur & businessman, mobilizer, church planter, and cross-cultural worker.  He has a great desire to assist the Hispanic and Latino churches to assume their role in impacting the nations. He is currently serving as the Director of OPEN Latino and is working on his DMin with emphasis in Latino B4T at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas.

Room 3 - Sending and Caring for B4T Workers | Clynt Reddy

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Drawing on the extensive missions knowledge base and experiences of River Valley Church where he pastors, Clynt will be discussing the following topics: Identifying successful B4T workers, how churches can create networks of care, and on-boarding and re-entry for B4T workers.

Clynt Reddy serves as a pastor and the Executive Director of Operations at River Valley Church, a multisite church based in Minneapolis, MN. He has a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Minnesota and an MDiv from Bethel Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. Clynt has a passion to see the academy, the church, and the marketplace converge for Gospel-centered mission, and he is working diligently at River Valley to help the church be a leading voice in these areas. Clynt has been married for nearly 10 years to Annie.  They are raising 3 children together in South Minneapolis.

Room 4 - Measuring Success in B4T | Patrick Lai

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Many people are beginning to see the value that Business for Transformation can bring to our impoverished and unreached world. Yet with so many variables involved in cross-cultural business and mission, how can one tell if it is a success? What are key indicators in the life of a B4T business and B4T worker that show they are on track to make a real impact? Listen as Patrick shares the questions and tests he uses to determine these difficult issues.

Patrick is a slave of Jesus Christ. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business-Marketing from the University of Oregon, and a Master of Divinity from Trinity Divinity School near Chicago. He did his Doctorate of Intercultural Studies from the Asia Graduate School of Theology where he researched “Problems and Solutions for Enhancing the Productivity of Tentmakers Doing Church Planting in the 10/40 Window.” Patrick has started 13 small businesses in four Muslim countries, yet is quick to point out that only 7 were successful. He founded the OPEN Network; a network of 400+ B4Ters, BAMers, and tentmaker members, and over 120 businesses. OPEN USA is an organization he helped birth to facilitate North American business people in using their experiences and talents to serve, coach, and assist those doing B4T abroad.

Next Steps

B4T Champions

Looking for ways to engage your church with B4T without requiring a ton of extra time? Find someone in your congregation that is passionate about B4T and let us disciple them through our 7-month B4T Champions training. For more information, or to sign up for the next group, please visit or write us at

Online Redemptive Internship Fair

Do you want to make a difference in the world now? Do you have skills and education you’d like to use for the glory of God? Do you wonder if you have to choose between meaningful work and a “real” job?

Join us and find out how OPEN is spreading the Gospel of Jesus among least-reached peoples—through real business that results in real economic and spiritual transformation. And the best part? You don’t have to wait to get involved.

We are hosting a web fair where you can learn about redemptive internships—virtual and on-site—that allow you to take the Gospel to the least-reached right now, next summer, or whenever you’re ready! 

When: Oct 24, 2020
10-11 am Pacific / 1-2 pm Eastern
Where: online
Cost: Free
Register here

OPEN Services

  • Looking for a good business coach to assist your field workers in running a real business? We’d love to talk. Please contact our Coaching Coordinator Brian Humbles at for more information.
  • Do you have qualified global workers with a great idea for business but need investment capital to get things off the ground? Reach out to our OPEN Investment Fund director Bob Royce ( 
  • Have other questions but you aren’t sure exactly what they are related to? No problem. Just reach out to and we’ll get you to the right place. 

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