Business Services Definitions

Business Advisor: experienced business person volunteering as a member of the NexusB4T team.

Business people from all segments business operations volunteering their time and expertise. They have attended at least one Expo and have a growing understanding of B4T. In general, advisors work on specific projects and short-term assignments with the B4T businesses. Senior leaders in the business advisors have made additional investments in knowing the needs of B4T. Alternate experiences may be approved by the Business Services team.

  • Has 10 years or more years of experience in the business sector
  • Has traveled to meet B4T/BAM business and continues to travel to meet with these businesses and business leaders at least once in 2 years
  • Attend Expo at least once in 3 years and has attended Expo workshops for Advisors training in cross cultural business and coaching; participates in Advisors/Coaches conference during Expo.
  • May require reading from the recommended library of B4T/BAM books.

Business Coach: experienced business person with coaching certifications, following traditional coaching processes, & usually charging for their time and advice.

A diverse group of business professionals combining business experience with coaching certification, coaching experience, or other approved steps. The coach primarily performs an active listening role and assists the B4T worker to develop and follow-through on solutions to their business issues. Coaches generally engage with a worker for regular sessions over 3 or more months. In general, coaches will have similar requirements as senior advisors, minus the annual travel.